More drenching rain

Drenching thunderstorms rolled across the region overnight and more drenching thunderstorms are likely over the next 48 hours or so. We are stuck in a very muggy air mass and any shower or thunderstorm that develops can contain heavy downpours. There is even the chance that some of the thunderstorms that develop reach severe limits with damaging wind gusts along with the torrential rain. A drying trend will take place this weekend with just a chance for a shower or thunderstorm on Saturday and then rain-free conditions likely for Sunday.

Today- mostly cloudy, humid, more showers and thunderstorms any one of which can contain heavy downpours, low 80’s

Tonight- mostly cloudy, muggy, more showers and thunderstorms which can contain heavy rain, lows upper 60’s

Thurs- mostly cloudy, more showers and thunderstorms likely and some of this rain could be heavy, continued warm and humid, low-to-mid 80’s

Fri- partly sunny, warm and humid, couple more showers and thunderstorms possible, mid 80’s

Sat- partly sunny, still the threat for another shower or thunderstorm, warm, mid 80’s

Sun- partly sunny, seasonal, low 80’s