90's again today, but then more comfortable for the rest of the week

Oppressive weather will continue for one more day, but then a strong Canadian high pressure system will bring us very comfortable weather tomorrow through Friday. There is the slight chance for a thunderstorm today into the early part of tonight as a cool front works its way through the region, but then humidity should drop late tonight and especially during the day tomorrow as the new, refreshing air mass heads east from the Great Lakes. This large high pressure may then slow down over the weekend after it reaches the waters off the New England coast and this could allow for the decent weather to continue right through the weekend. Today- partly sunny, hot and humid, slight chance for a thunderstorm, mid-to-upper 90’s

Tonight- slight chance for a thunderstorm early then turning somewhat less humid late, lows near 75

Wed- mostly sunny, more comfortable humidity levels, breezy, still quite warm, near 90

Thurs- mostly sunny, pleasant, mid 80’s

Fri- mostly sunny, still pleasant, mid 80’s

Sat- mostly sunny, still pretty comfortable, mid 80’s

Sun- mostly sunny, very warm, upper 80’s