8:40 AM | Brutal, brutal and more brutal through Saturday

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, scorching heat and humidity, highs near 100 degrees


Partly cloudy, very warm and muggy, patchy fog possible late, lows only dropping to near 80


Mostly sunny, brutal heat and humidity continues, chance for a thunderstorm, highs should slightly top 100 degrees


Mostly sunny, still excessive heat and humidity, scattered thunderstorms possible, near 100 degrees


Partly sunny, not quite as excessive with the heat and humidity, an isolated thunderstorm possible, mid 90’s


Partly sunny, very warm, chance for a thunderstorm, near 90


Partly sunny, slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm, upper 80’s


Triple-digit highs are possible for the next three days as the Midwestern furnace has expanded to the Mid-Atlantic. Humidity will also be on the excessive side which will cause heat indexes to reach extremely uncomfortable levels of 110 degrees or slightly higher. Some relief will be begin on Sunday with highs “only” reaching the mid 90’s and it should get closer to 90 degrees for highs on Monday and Tuesday. This 3-day excessive heat wave will very likely be more of an aberration than the norm for the remainder of the summer.