7:00 AM | Sunshine today, but more rain possible late tonight and tomorrow

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, a little less humid, but still pretty hot, near 90


Increasing clouds with late night showers and thunderstorms possible, some rain could be heavy, lows near 70


Mostly cloudy, additional showers and thunderstorms possible and some of that rain can be heavy at times, warm, upper 70's


Mostly sunny, very warm and a little less humid, mid-to-upper 80’s


Mostly sunny, very warm, upper 80’s


Partly sunny, warm and humid, chance for more showers and thunderstorms, mid 80’s


Partly sunny, warm, mid-to-upper 80’s


A couple more chances for rain this week beginning late tonight and tomorrow as a warm front/cold front combination heads our way. The warm front could cause some shower/thunderstorm activity around here late tonight and then the cold front can do likewise on Wednesday and some of this rainfall can be heavy at times. Weak high pressure takes over for Thursday into Friday, but then another front can bring us some rain to start the weekend.