7:00 AM | Decent temperatures again today, but more significant rain coming this weekend

6-Day Forecast


Partly-to-mostly cloudy, warm, mid 80’s


Mostly cloudy, maybe a shower or thunderstorm late, lows near 70


Mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms possible later in the afternoon and evening, some of the rain could be heavy, upper 80’s


Mostly cloudy, continued chance for showers and thunderstorms, warmer, low 90’s


Mostly sunny, hot, low 90’s


Mostly sunny, hot, near 90


Partly sunny, hot, chance for a shower or thunderstorm, near 90


Weak high pressure will continue to control our weather today with partial sunshine and moderate temperatures, but showers and thunderstorms threaten once again for later Saturday into Sunday and some of the rain could be heavy at times. Sunshine returns on Monday and highs will once again reach the uncomfortable low 90’s. Elsewhere, Tropical Storm Emily has dissipated as it crossed the island of Hispaniola and it no longer is a “named” tropical system.