8:00 AM | Back to 90 degrees for highs to begin the week

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, hot and humid with a couple of showers and thunderstorms possible, near 90


An evening shower or thunderstorm possible, lows in the upper 60’s


Partly sunny, showers and thunderstorms possible later in the afternoon and evening, some of the rain could be heavy, upper 80’s


Mostly sunny, very warm, near 90


Mostly sunny, warm, mid 80’s


Mostly sunny, warm, low-to-mid 80’s


Partly sunny, warm, chance for a shower or thunderstorm, low-to-mid 80’s


It’ll remain somewhat unsettled here until mid-week at which time high pressure will take over and provide us with decent weather from Wednesday through Friday. Until then, however, a frontal system will likely cause a few scattered showers or thunderstorms later today and tonight, but then more numerous showers and storms could form tomorrow and tomorrow night as low pressure rides along the front. By Wednesday, high pressure will begin to take over control of our weather pattern with sunshine the dominate feature to close out the work week.