8:20 AM | Tropical Storm Lee combines with a cold front to produce significant rain here Monday night to Thursday

Temperatures will move into the 80's today and tomorrow in the Mid-Atlantic as high pressure off the east coast will act as a heat pump this weekend. Humidity levels will also rise noticeably and the result will be spotty showers and thunderstorms along with periods of clouds and sunshine. A slow-moving cold front will bring more numerous showers and thunderstorms into our region late Monday and Monday night and some of this rain could fall heavily at times. It'll turn cooler on Tuesday and Tropical Storm Lee will head northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico and give us a good shot at more significant rain in the Tuesday to Thursday time frame. After that, we'll turn our attention to Hurricane Katia which will come close to the east coast late next week as it begins to make a turn to the north and then to the northeast.  It is still too early to say if Katia will hit the coast or miss it completely late next week.