3:00 PM | Threat for more heavy rain begins later this afternoon and continues through tomorrow; much cooler this weekend


The threat continues in the Mid-Atlantic for occasional showers and thunderstorms right through tomorrow and some of the rain will come down heavy at times. Flash flooding is a concern through tomorrow as any location can receive copious amounts of rainfall in a short period of time on top of saturated grounds. Our next immediate threat for heavy rain will come later this afternoon into the early evening (3:30 to 8 PM) from an area of rain that is now over the southern sections of the Delmarva Peninsula and some of this rain is quite heavy. More bands of showers and storms will develop overnight and that threat continues through tomorrow. Our overall weather pattern will then change dramatically this weekend from the current warm, humid and occasionally very wet pattern to one with much cooler and windy conditions. Temperatures this weekend will struggle to escape the 50’s on both days and winds will be quite noticeable out of the north or northwest. The initial push of colder air on Saturday will cause some clouds and instability showers and it may be just cold enough in the higher elevations of the Poconos and Catskills for snowflakes to mix in by Saturday night or early Sunday. Calmer and sunnier weather will take place early next week throughout the Mid-Atlantic.