8:20 AM | Major pattern change to much cooler this weekend and dry next week

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, slight chance for an afternoon shower, highs in the mid 70’s


Mostly cloudy, chance for a couple of showers, much cooler late, lows in the upper 40’s


Considerable clouds, windy, afternoon and evening showers likely, highs near 60


Mainly cloudy, breezy, cool, chance for more showers, upper 50’s


Partly sunny, breezy and cool, maybe another shower or two, highs in the low 60’s


Mostly sunny, pleasant, upper 60’s


Mostly sunny, pleasant, upper 60’s


A big pattern change will occur this weekend in the Mid-Atlantic after a strong cold frontal passage ushers in much cooler air. In addition to the change to much cooler conditions, our rainy weather pattern of the last couple of months will end, at least for many days, as we’ll enjoy generally dry weather for much of next week. In fact, the weather next week from Tuesday on looks quite nice with pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. This weekend, however, will feel more like November in parts of the Northeast with the arrival of this new Canadian air mass. There is even an outside chance for some snowflakes to mix in with rain showers in some of the highest elevations of the Northeast later this weekend. Strong high pressure will edge eastward by early next week and will control our overall pattern for several days with generally dry conditions expected through much of next week.