1:00 PM | Mid-week storm to have tropical connections


The Atlantic tropical season is only slowly winding down and it is this time of year in which “home-grown” systems develop over nearby waters such as the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea. One such storm is now churning over the still warmer-than-normal southeastern Gulf of Mexico and this storm will play a major role in our mid-week weather here in the Mid-Atlantic. Whether or not the National Hurricane Center actually names this tropical system, heavy rain and strong winds are likely coming up the east coast for the mid-week period. By tomorrow, this storm will cross into northern Florida and then it will ride along the east coast spreading rain our way which should begin late Tuesday night or early Wednesday. Some of the rain will likely be heavy on Wednesday and there is the chance for some strong thunderstorm activity and some strong wind gusts to mix in. Once the storm passes by to our north on Thursday, cooler air will move in, but wind gusts will remain quite strong.