7:00 AM | Still sunny and cool, but less wind than yesterday; quite chilly again overnight

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, breezy, still cool, mid 70’s


Mostly clear, little to no wind, quite chilly, mid-to-upper 40’s


Mostly sunny, a bit warmer, highs near 80


Mostly sunny, warm, low 80’s


Mostly sunny, warm, low-to-mid 80’s


Partly sunny, slight chance for a shower, warm, mid 80’s


Mostly sunny, warm, mid 80’s


The dry and cool weather of yesterday will continue today, but the strong winds have subsided to more manageable levels with sustained levels of 10-15 mph out of the NW expected for much of the day along with occasional gusts up to 20 mph. The dry weather will continue right into the weekend and a warming trend will begin tomorrow after one more chilly night in which the low temperatures could bottom out in the mid-to-upper 40’s in many locations. In fact, this could be the coolest nights so far this season in many spots thanks to clear skies and calm conditions. High temperatures will then begin a slow climb from near 80 degrees on Thursday to the mid-80’s by Sunday afternoon. Elsewhere, quite a nasty day in St. Louis for Game 1 of the World Series with some light rain and chilly conditions. It should be chilly again tonight with a stiff wind and wind chills in the 30's for the first game of the World Series. Looking ahead to Saturday evening's first game in Arlington, temperatures will be much better compared to St. Louis with highs on Saturday close to 80 degrees.