7:15 AM | Turns cooler and gets unsettled later this week

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, a bit milder, mid 60’s


Mostly cloudy, couple of showers possible, not as cool as recent nights, low 50’s


Mostly sunny, a bit cooler, low 60’s


Partly sunny, turning milder, chance for a shower or two at night, upper 60’s


Mostly cloudy, cooler, showers likely, maybe even some steady rain, mid-to-upper 50’s


Mostly cloudy, quite cool, still the chance for showers, low 50’s


Partly sunny, still quite cool, mid 50’s


There are a couple of frontal systems to deal with during the early-to-mid week time frame, and then we’ll have much cooler air with an even greater rain threat for the latter part of the week. A cold front will pass through the region tonight and it could spark a couple of showers this evening. Tuesday will be a tad cooler behind the front, but there will be partial sunshine. The 2nd half of the week will turn somewhat unsettled and much cooler as a strong cold frontal system slowly works its way through the region. A couple of areas of low pressure could form along the front while it is rather close by enhancing our rainfall possibilities on Thursday as the much cooler air gets established in the Mid-Atlantic region.