3:10 PM | Rain late tonight and tomorrow as colder air filters in; coastal storm early Saturday still threatens with cold rain and snowflakes mixed in


No significant changes from the general thinking for the expected weather over the next few days here in the Mid-Atlantic. The sequence of events should unfold as follows:

1) Nothing more than a shower or two this evening 2) Steadier rain will develop late tonight and continue much of tomorrow 3) Colder air gradually seeps in during the day tomorrow slowly dropping temperatures from morning highs in the 50’s to the 30’s by later tomorrow night 4) Chilly, dry weather on Friday 5) Coastal storm likely produces a cold rain here beginning very late Friday night or early on Saturday and snowflakes could very well mix in 6) Could get down to freezing Saturday night

Elsewhere, snow continues to pile up in the Colorado Rockies with more than a foot possible in spots, Hurricane Rina has weakened slightly and heads toward the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico as a category 1 storm and, finally, rain threatens Game 6 of the World Series tonight in St. Louis.