7:15 AM | Significant rain event Tuesday PM into Wednesday AM then drying for Thanksgiving Day

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy and damp this morning, occasional afternoon showers possible, not as mild as yesterday, mid-to-upper 50’s


Mostly cloudy, a couple of showers likely, some drizzle and fog late, cool, low 40’s


Mostly cloudy, periods of rain developing with some fog around, the rain will be heavy at times during the afternoon and nighttime hours, cool, low 50’s; however, temperatures may actually rise late tomorrow night


Mostly cloudy, some fog early with lingering rain, maybe a thunderstorm, milder, near 60


Mainly sunny, breezy, cooler, low 50's


Mainly sunny, cool, mid 50’s


Mostly sunny, cool, mid 50’s


A frontal system has stalled in the Mid-Atlantic region and the weather will be quite unsettled through mid-week as a result. A low pressure system will develop to our southwest by tonight and it will generate a soaking rain here from later Tuesday into early Wednesday with two inches of rainfall possible by the time the storm winds down on Wednesday. High pressure will then build back into the region for Thanksgiving Day and sunshine will return as a result, but it will also be breezy and cooler. Dry, cool weather will continue here on Friday and Saturday as well.