6:00 AM | A soaker later today into early Wednesday then sunshine returns on Thanksgiving Day

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, periods of rain and it will become heavier and steadier later in the day, cool, low 50’s


Rain, heavy at times, maybe even a thunderstorm, fog possible late, temperatures in the upper 40’s early tonight, but rising late


Mostly cloudy, lingering morning showers and patches of fog possible, maybe even a thunderstorm, milder, low 60’s


Mainly sunny, breezy, cooler, low 50’s


Mainly sunny, cool, low-to-mid 50’s


Mainly sunny, a bit milder, near 60


Becoming mostly cloudy, showers possible late in the day or at night, cool, mid 50’s


Low pressure will move from Arkansas this morning to western Pennsylvania by very late tonight and it will bring a soaking rain with it to the Philly metro region. Rain will become steady later this afternoon and will continue heavy at times tonight and there is the chance for a thunderstorm or two. Temperatures will actually rise overnight behind a warm frontal system and patchy fog could develop late at night. Highs tomorrow will reach the low 60’s before a cold front passes through the region ushering in a cooler air mass. Sunshine will return on Thanksgiving Day and it will stay dry on Friday and Saturday as well.