12:20 PM Snow threat late Wednesday night and early Thursday


This week will bring about a transition in the overall weather pattern to one that is much more “December-like” when compared to the current (and recent) well above normal temperatures. This transition will be caused by a slow-moving cold front and a series of low pressure systems that will ride along the front as it grudgingly makes its way to the east coast. The last in a series of low pressure systems that rides along the front could throw some snow our way late Wednesday night and Thursday. The very latest computer forecast model information converges on a rather similar solution that brings a low pressure system close enough to the Mid-Atlantic region by early Thursday to cause some precipitation here, and enough cold air to allow for a changeover to snow. Specifically, upper air energy, that is crucial to this potential storm, is now handled in a much more similar manner by the GFS and NAM computer forecast models, and both models suggest a quite believable scenario of a changeover to snow in the Mid-Atlantic by late Wednesday night or early Thursday with some accumulations possible from DC to Philly to NYC.