1:15 PM | Heavy rain followed by snow from potent upcoming storm


The threat continues for snow in the Mid-Atlantic region from late Wednesday night into early Thursday with 1-3 inches likely in the northern and western suburbs of the big cities and an inch or less in the District, Philly and New York City. Low pressure will develop along a strong and slow-moving cold front during the day tomorrow and it will generate copious amounts of precipitation later tomorrow and tomorrow night. The upper level support for this system will be very impressive and it could result in numerous thunderstorms in the Mid-Atlantic - even in the colder air after the changeover to snow which would result in a burst of heavy snow. Colder air will move in behind the low as it treks quickly to the northeast during the night changing the rain to snow along its path. The storm moves quickly from around the VA/NC border early tomorrow night to just off of Cape Cod by early Thursday morning. Here are the estimated changeover times for the big cities: DC 10PM-1AM, Philly 1AM–4AM, and New York 2AM-5AM. The snow should last about 4-6 hours in these Mid-Atlantic locations. The location of the heaviest axis of snow (6-10”) will be somewhat similar to the late October storm running well to the north and west of the big cities from eastern West Virginia to south-central PA to the Poconos to interior sections of New England.