2:45 PM | Intrigue continues for the weekend


The threat continues for a Christmas Eve/Christmas Day storm in the Mid-Atlantic region, but many details still have to be ironed out. In fact, one of the main US computer forecast models (GFS) has no storm at all; however, the European model, which I believe is somewhat more reliable in this particular medium range situation due to its consistency, continues to suggest that a coastal storm will occur on Sunday, Christmas Day. Even if such a storm occurs, there will be battle between snow and rain here in the I-95 corridor, but, at least, the chance for a white Christmas still lives on albeit on some shaky ground. Interior sections of the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast would have a very good shot at snow if the coastal storm comes to fruition. Stay tuned for updates over the next few days. Meanwhile, it is quite certain that we’ll get more rain in the near term beginning with the light rain today, heavier rain tomorrow, and then even more on Thursday night into early Friday.