2:40 PM | Active pattern continues with occasional rain for the next several hours and then more rain tomorrow night into early Friday


Occasional rain will continue for the next several hours and some of the rain can come down hard for a brief time and there can even be a rumble of thunder mixed in. Some clearing will take place late tonight and early tomorrow, but it will be quite short-lived as another storm moves in tomorrow night. That next storm will bring more rain to the Mid-Atlantic region from tomorrow night into early Friday and some of that rain will be quite heavy at times. Then it’ll turn colder for the Christmas weekend and attention will turn to yet another wave of low pressure in the South. Currently, the odds are rather low for that storm to come too far up the east coast, and it could just stay chilly and dry for the weekend, but it is still a few days away and has to be closely monitored. One final note: official rainfall for the year-to-date at Philly Airport was a record-breaking 62.26 inches before today's rain.