7:15 AM | Harsh cold today with a biting wind as Arctic air overtakes the region

6-Day Forecast


Partly sunny, windy and very cold with a couple of snow showers, it’ll be a struggle for temperatures to reach 30 degrees, wind chills in the single digits


Partly cloudy, breezy, bitter cold, more flurries possible, low-to-mid teens


Sun early then clouds late, very cold, not as windy, highs near 30

Wednesday night

Mostly cloudy, snow showers possible, cold, low 20’s


Partly sunny, not quite as cold, near 40


Mostly sunny, chilly, mid 40’s


Partly sunny, milder, low 50’s


Mostly cloudy, breezy, turning colder, chance for rain or snow, low-to-mid 40’s


Arctic air has invaded the region for the first time this season and we’ll be in its grips right through tomorrow. Temperatures today will be hard pressed to reach 30 degrees and a biting wind will produce wind chills in the single digits. Snow showers are possible at any time today and there will be some sunshine as well. Tomorrow will not feel quite as harsh as today as the winds will be weaker, but highs will once again have trouble reaching 30 degrees. This Arctic air mass will then retreat by the time the weekend approaches and highs on Saturday could return to the 50’s.