7:15 AM | Milder today; significant rain tomorrow night

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, chilly, mid 40’s


Mostly clear, cold, lows near 30


Mostly cloudy, rain developing during the PM hours, upper 40’s

Wednesday night

Rain, heavy at times, cool, mid-to-upper 30’s


Cloudy, rain possible early, highs near 50


Mostly cloudy, windy, colder, snow showers possible, maybe even a burst of snow in the morning, temperatures will drop into the mid-to-upper 30’s during the afternoon


Partly sunny, cold, mid 30’s


Partly sunny, cold, mid 30’s


Weak high pressure will build back into the region for today and tonight, but then attention will shift to a strong storm that will move into our vicinity by Wednesday night. Rain is likely to develop late tomorrow and then get heavy at times tomorrow night. Rain is still possible early Thursday as the storm pulls away rapidly towards the Canadian Maritimes. An Arctic front will whip through the region on Friday accompanied by strong winds and possible snow showers. It’ll be noticeably colder on Friday and that chill will last through the weekend. By the way, in quite an impressive turnaround, much of the DC region received an inch or so of snow accumulation yesterday, and this followed temperatures near 70 degrees on Saturday.