8:00 AM | More accumulating snow and now some ice added for good measure


Accumulating snow overnight has given way to a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain in many areas this morning and this "back and forth" will continue for the next few hours. Reports of 2-3 inches of snow have been common so far with 2.3 inches officially recorded at Philly Airport as of 7AM, and there will be some additional accumulations of snow and ice right through much of the morning. Roads will continue to be very slick right through mid-day as the additional snow and ice add to the already snow-covered roadways and temperatures will remain well below freezing. Precipitation winds down by the early afternoon which should lead to some slight improvement in road conditions by later today; however, temperatures are likely to never surpass the freezing mark and they will drop way down through the 20’s tonight leading to lots of potential refreezing where melting has occurred. A sloppy mess is likely on Monday as temperatures jump into the 50’s and it’ll stay relatively mild on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well, but longer term looks potentially quite a bit colder as we begin the month of February.