7:15 AM | "Mid-April" type weather once again, can spring training be far behind?

6-Day Forecast


A mix of clouds and sun, very mild, a brief shower in spots, near 60


Partly cloudy, cooler, upper 30’s


Mainly cloudy, cooler, mid-to-upper 40’s

Thursday Night

Partly cloudy, cold, near 32


Mostly sunny, cool, mid 40’s


Partly sunny, cool, mid 40’s


Mostly cloudy, chilly, chance for some rain or snow, low-to-mid 40’s


Partly sunny, chilly, chance for rain or snow showers, low-to-mid 40’s


Spring-fever alert continues for another day as temperatures will once again flirt with the 60 degrees mark. Spring training is now less than three weeks away and the weather is more like mid-April rather than the beginning of February. While much of the US has enjoyed a mild winter, a good part of the rest of the world has suffered from winter's cold including places like Alaska, western Canada, parts of Asia and now Europe is in a deep freeze (e.g., Athens, Greece 35 degrees with snow showers late yesterday). January at JFK Airport was well-above normal temperature-wise with temperatures 4.5 degrees above the norm. February will begin with a cold front sliding through the region later today and it will usher in cooler air for tonight and tomorrow. A wave of low pressure will then ride along the front tomorrow and it looks like it will stay to our south, but we'll continue to monitor it. Sunshine returns on Friday to close out the work week. Elsewhere in the US, there will be a major snowstorm for much of the Colorado Rockies region over the next few days and then this storm will then dump heavy snow on Kansas and Nebraska as it slides slowly northeastward.