12:30 PM | Accumulating snow closing in; slippery evening rush hour


As of the noon hour, it is snowing from Harrisburg, PA to Winchester, VA and the snow is progressing steadily to the east. Snow should begin in the early-to-mid afternoon hours across the Philly metro region although it can be mixed initially with rain, but the bulk of this event should feature snow at varying intensities. Temperatures will drop from the mid-to-upper 30’s once the precipitation begins towards the freezing mark by late afternoon causing some slippery spots for the evening rush hour. The snow continues well into the evening hours before winding down by midnight, but slippery spots may continue on untreated surfaces even after the snow ends as temperatures drop to well below freezing. Snow accumulations by late this evening should range from a coating to an inch or so S and E of Philly and up to 2 inches or so from Philly N and W. As far as the weekend goes, a cold blast invades the region on Saturday and some snow is likely to accompany that intrusion of Arctic air.