3:00 PM | Accumulating snow still a threat for Sunday in parts of the I-95 corridor


There is still considerable disagreement between the latest computer forecast models in terms of storm track so certainly all is not written in stone as of yet for this weekend system. Specifically, the US models (NAM, GFS) have trended farther north with the storm track producing significant precipitation in the Mid-Atlantic on Sunday; however, other models (Euro, Canadian) continue to suppress the system to the south producing little, if any, precipitation in the Mid-Atlantic region. I believe the more northern storm track is the likely outcome here (yeah USA!) given the overall weather pattern, but it is still too early to be totally confident in this scenario; especially, given the still considerable time between now and event time. This type of storm has the potential to generate accumulating snow on Sunday in the I-95 corridor from DC to Philly. There will be additional threats for snow in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for further updates on the Sunday storm.