2:50 PM | Best snow threat for Sunday continues to be across DC metro region; Philly still on northern fringes; slight shift can still make a big difference


No significant changes on the projected Sunday storm track from the latest run of the computer forecast models which, in general, take the storm from the Gulf States to off the North Carolina coastline by late Sunday. There is general agreement among the models that the greatest threat for accumulating snow in the I-95 corridor will be from DC to Baltimore with the Philly region remaining on the northern fringes. The highest amounts of snow are likely in the higher elevations of western Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. As far as the Philly region is concerned, the southern half of the area (i.e., Philly, southern Chester County and Delaware County) has the best chance for some snow accumulations while Bucks and Montgomery Counties have the least. As far as New York and Boston are concerned, for now it looks like there will be little to no snowfall that far up the coast from the Sunday storm. However, this event is still about 48 hours away and it is a complex and fluid upper atmospheric pattern with multiple players on the field. There will be a sharp gradient to the snowfall amounts from this storm meaning one can go from areas with no snow to areas with several inches in a relatively small amount of real estate. Therefore, it still holds true that a small shift in the ultimate storm track and strength can make a big difference in snowfall amounts so check back this weekend at “thesiweather.com” for further updates.