3:00 PM | Active transition period that takes us from "spring" back to reality could include 50+ mph wind gusts and rumbles of thunder


There will be quite an active 24-36 hour period of weather beginning late tonight that will transition us from our current spring-like conditions to much more seasonal temperatures. A reinforcing warm front will approach the region later tonight, and then a powerful cold front will blast through the Mid-Atlantic later tomorrow. These two frontal systems can cause quite a variety of weather conditions in the Mid-Atlantic region from occasional showers to rumbles of thunder late tonight and early tomorrow to wind gusts of 50 mph or higher later tomorrow, tomorrow night and Saturday. Additionally, in upstate Pennsylvania (e.g. Poconos), some snow and/or ice can fall late tonight as the transition process begins. Colder air will begin to pour into the I-95 corridor region late tomorrow and highs on Saturday will be back to near normal, but the wind chills will be even lower. The winds will subside considerably on Sunday and then the next major system to track will be a strong storm that will likely head northeast from the middle of the country by next Wednesday or Thursday.