7:15 AM | 60's again with sunshine to start the week; update on the formerly explosive sunspot called AR1429; weekend looking good

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, gusty winds, seasonable, low 60’s (normal high 61 degrees)


Mostly clear, winds diminish, cold, frost possible N and W of the District, mid-to-upper 30’s


Partly sunny, milder, upper 60’s

Tuesday Night

Becoming mostly cloudy, cool, a possible shower, upper 40’s


Mostly sunny, warm, near 70


Mostly sunny, breezy, cooler, near 60


Mostly sunny, seasonable, near 60


Mostly sunny, pleasant, upper 60’s


Once again back to work means brighter weather for the region today as high pressure will heads towards the area. Winds will be gusty today as low pressure deepens to our east which will create quite a steep pressure gradient between the departing low and the approaching high. The high pressure system crests over our area early Tuesday and then a front will approach from the northwest and it could cause a possible shower later Tuesday night. It’ll turn somewhat cooler behind the front later in the week, but right now the weekend is looking nice. One final note, sunspot AR1429 has indeed returned to the near side of the sun; however, it is just a shadow of its former self having decayed substantially during its two week trek around the back side of the sun. As a result, solar activity is rather low at the current time.