11:15 AM | Powerful storm on Sunday and Monday to produce heavy rain, strong winds and mountain snows in the Mid-Atlantic


There is now general consensus among the computer forecast models that a powerhouse storm will pound the Mid-Atlantic region on Sunday and Monday. Drought-busting heavy rains are likely in coastal sections on Sunday and Monday including the I-95 corridor with increasingly strong winds, and enough colder air will rotate into the storm that damaging, heavy, wet, power-outage type snow will be possible Sunday night and Monday in the interior higher elevations from West Virginia to western and central Pennsylvania and New York State. Several inches of rain are possible in the I-95 corridor between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon thanks to this powerful storm as well as a strong frontal system that will generate showers and thunderstorms during late Saturday and Saturday night. Winds could gust to 50-60 mph along the coast in this same time frame of Sunday and Monday. The precipitation will last an unusually long time as this storm actually moves inland from near the Mid-Atlantic (New Jersey) coast by late Sunday to near southwestern New York State by late Monday and it then holds its ground for awhile. As a result, chilly, damp weather will likely continue on Tuesday as well.