7:00 AM | Unsettled right into the end of the week; weekend looks very warm

6-Day Forecast


Some AM sun then mstly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms likely, some of the rain could be heavy, warm, upper 70’s


Mostly cloudy, more showers likely and a thunderstorm or two, low-to-mid 60’s


Partly sunny, still a shower and thunderstorm threat, warm, near 80

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, showers possible and maybe a thunderstorm, near 60


Partly sunny, warm, but still the chance for showers and thunderstorms, low 80's


Mostly sunny, very warm, mid-to-upper 80’s


Partly sunny, very warm, mid-to-upper 80’s


Partly sunny, very warm, maybe a thunderstorm or two, mid 80’s


A series of coastal lows just to our east will continue to keep our weather unsettled right into Friday. High pressure will then build back into the region for the weekend and an overall very warm weather pattern will set up in the eastern states. In fact, by the weekend high temperatures are likely to rise well into the 80’s each day as a high pressure ridge sets up in the East. The only “fly in the ointment” for the late weekend or early next week will be a potential back door cold front that could prevent such warm readings, but right now, the bet is against that from happening.