7:00 AM | Very warm holiday weekend

6-Day Forecast


A mix of clouds and sun, showers and thunderstorms still possible, warm, near 80


Mostly cloudy, more showers possible and a thunderstorm or two, low-to-mid 60’s


Partly sunny, still a shower and thunderstorm threat, warm, low 80’s

Friday Night

Mostly cloudy, showers possible and maybe a thunderstorm, low 60’s


Mostly sunny, very warm, mid 80's


Partly sunny, very warm, mid 80’s


Partly sunny, very warm, maybe a thunderstorm, mid 80’s


Partly sunny, very warm, maybe a thunderstorm, mid 80’s


Unsettled weather will continue into tomorrow, but then high pressure will build into the upper atmosphere which will allow for a very warm weather pattern to take over. Temperatures should reach the 80’s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but we’ll have to watch for the possibility of a back door cold front that could slip through by Memorial Day and, if that were to happen, it would cut off our very warm spell as a cooler ocean flow would develop here in the Mid-Atlantic region.