5:20 PM | Powerful storms to affect much of the region between 6 and 9PM


Powerful thunderstorms are firing up just to the west of the Philly metro region over Lancaster County and these storms will progress eastward over the next few hours. The hours between 6 and 9PM will see much of the metro region getting hit by these storms with very heavy rainfall, possible damaging wind gusts and even some hail. Up until recently, there have been some “sea breeze” initiated showers and thunderstorms from South Jersey to downtown Philadelphia. This “sea breeze” front has been moving from east-to-west, but it will soon be overwhelmed by the cold frontal line of storms moving in from the west. Warm, but less humid conditions this weekend and then even cooler air is headed our way for much of next week, but for the next few hours, stay on guard for potential severe thunderstorms.