7:00 AM | The 80's return today and Chase Utley returns tonight; hot weather Friday through Sunday with a daily thunderstorm threat

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, breezy, warm, still comfortable humidity, low-to-mid 80’s for highs


Mostly clear, pretty comfortable, near 60 degrees for lows


Mostly sunny, very warm, more humid, near 90

Thursday Night

Partly cloudy, mild, upper 60’s


Mostly sunny, hot, chance for a thunderstorm or two, low-to-mid 90’s


Mostly sunny, hot, maybe a thunderstorm or two, low-to-mid 90’s


Mostly sunny, still pretty hot, chance for a shower or thunderstorm, low 90’s


Partly sunny, hot, near 90


Great weather will continue for the Phillies/Pirates series in South Philly and tonight will feature a special guest appearance by Chase Utley - maybe the tide is finally starting to turn for the Phillies. Low pressure over New England during the past couple of days has helped to pull cool air into the region from our northwest at the same time it has inundated parts of Maine with several inches of rain. The influence of this low pressure system will diminish during the next couple of days as high pressure builds in from the middle of the country. This action will help to cause an expansion of the hot bubble of air that has been confined to the Rockies and Plains into the Middle South and into at least the southern half of the Mid-Atlantic region (e.g., DC metro region) by the end of the week. We may be on the northern periphery of the real hot air mass on Friday and Saturday and, in that position relative to the high pressure area, thunderstorms could be a threat here as they will tend to rotate around the center of the high pressure system centered to our southwest.