7:00 AM | Still way above normal for today, but some more seasonal weather possible early next week

6-Day Forecast


Mostly sunny, hot, chance for a shower or a thunderstorm, mid 90’s


Chance for an evening shower or thunderstorm; otherwise, partly cloudy skies, mild, mid 60’s


Mostly sunny, hot, chance for a thunderstorm, mid 90’s

Saturday Night

Partly cloudy, mild, mid 60’s


Mostly sunny, hot, chance for a thunderstorm, low-to-mid 90’s


Mostly sunny, hot, mid 90’s


Mostly sunny, still pretty hot, chance for showers and thunderstorms, low 90's


Mostly sunny, hot, near 90


A continuation of the hot weather pattern will cause high temperature readings today and tomorrow well up in the 90’s once again and above-normal conditions will continue next week as well. High presure at all levels of the atmosphere will dominate the weather scene as we head into next week with only about a 10-20% chance for daily showers and thunderstorms.