3:00 PM | Beneficial soaking rains likely throughout the Mid-Atlantic later tonight into early Saturday and quite cool temperatures will accompany it


The potential exists for a well-needed and thorough soaking in the Mid-Atlantic region from DC to Philly to New York City between later tonight and early Saturday morning. The frontal system that broke the back of the latest (brief) hot spell has stalled out in the vicinity and waves of low pressure will ride along the leftover boundary zone over the next 36 hours. Occasional showers and thunderstorms are likely from later tonight right through tomorrow night and some of the rain will be heavy at times. A cooling ocean flow of air (ie NE wind) will also develop keeping high temperatures tomorrow and Saturday confined to the 70’s in many Mid-Atlantic locations. 1-3 inches of rain are likely throughout the Mid-Atlantic region between later tonight and early Saturday with more than 3 inches possible in isolated spots. Much improvement in the weather occurs later Saturday and continues into Sunday.