11:45 AM | Midday update on the severe weather threat for the Mid-Atlantic that includes the potential for downpours, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes


Severe thunderstorms have fired up in the past couple of hours from right near the PA/MD border in south central PA and they extend southwestward to western sections of Virginia and extreme eastern West Virginia. These storms will likely reach the DC metro region by the mid afternoon hours and then the Philly metro region during the late afternoon or early evening. The atmosphere has become dramatically more unstable in the last couple of hours in a region that extends from southeastern PA and central New Jersey on the north side to the DC metro region and Delmarva Peninsula coast on the south side. Downpours are likely up and down the I-95 corridor later this afternoon and early this evening with possible damaging wind gusts of greater than 60 mph and even isolated tornadoes; especially, in the destabilized geographical region mentioned previously that extends from DC to Philly. The cold front contributing to this explosive situation will reach the east coast tonight later tonight and cooler, drier weather will return on Wednesday.