12:00 PM | Some preliminary information with respect to Hurricane Sandy for the Mid-Atlantic region


As the remains of historic Hurricane Sandy continue to slowly weaken over central Pennsylvania, there are many preliminary weather reports now being tabulated with respect to winds, pressures, precipitation, storm surge levels, etc. Some of this information is listed below for the Mid-Atlantic region:

New York City region and Northern New Jersey:

- Highest storm surge (13.88’) ever recorded at Battery Park beating the old record caused by Hurricane Donna in 1960 - Wall Street closed for two consecutive days due to weather for the first time since the Blizzard of 1888 (March) - All three major airports in the NYC region had hurricane force winds - Record lowest pressure (inches): Trenton, NJ (28.31) - Some wind gust measurements: o 96 mph at Eatons Park, NY o 90 mph at Islip, NY o 74 mph at LaGuardia Airport o 62 mph at Central Park o 76 mph in Bridgeport, CT o 88 mph in Montclair, NJ o 87 mph Sandy Hook, NJ

Philadelphia region and Southern New Jersey:

- Tied lowest pressure reading ever (946 mb) at landfall in southern New Jersey for this latitude (old record low pressure reading of 946 millibars from 1938 hurricane) - PECO Energy reports most ever power outages for a single storm - 2x times number without power in New Jersey from Sandy as compared to Hurricane Irene - 11.67 inches of rain at Wildwood, NJ - Record lowest pressure (inches): Philadelphia, PA (28.23); Atlantic City, NJ (28.00) - Some wind gust measurements: o 68 mph at Philly Intl Airport o 70 mph at Northeast Philadelphia o 76 mph in Bensalem, PA o 81 mph in Allentown, PA o 59 mph in Pottstown, PA o 89 mph in Surf City, NJ

DC, Maryland, Virginia:

- 26 inches of snow in Garrett County, MD (and still snowing) - Record rainfall amounts for the date at Dulles and Reagan Airports - Record lowest pressure (inches): Baltimore, MD (28.49) - Some wind gust measurements: o 63 mph at Fort Belvoir, VA o 71 mph at Bishops Head, MD o 76 mph in Laytonsville, MD o 60 mph at Oriole Park in Baltimore, MD o 74 mph at Point Lookout, MD o 79 mph at Thomas Point, MD o 79 mph at Highland Beach, MD