1:45 PM | An impressive cold start to November in the Mid-Atlantic, but a break comes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday


Our colder-than-normal weather pattern in the Mid-Atlantic region since the month of November began continues today despite plenty of sunshine, but we will finally get back to near normal on Saturday, and then to above normal on Sunday and Monday. Arctic air actually moved into the Mid-Atlantic region from the west late in October at the same time Hurricane Sandy was approaching from the east. This collision of air masses resulted in cold, heavy rains around here and incredible snows in places like West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. We haven't warmed up since Sandy passed by as the month of November has been persistently cold with the following monthly averages so far:

-7.8 degrees in Philly, -7.9 degrees in DC, and -8.9 degrees at Central Park, NY where they had their earliest ever snowstorm earlier this week (of 4 inches or more).

Normal high temperatures this time of year in these three big city Mid-Atlantic locations range from the upper 50’s to lower 60’s. By the way, Philadelphia has not had a below normal month for temperatures since August of 2011. Looking beyond Monday, a strong cold front will approach from the Midwest on Tuesday causing clouds and showers in the Mid-Atlantic, and then we’ll likely return to colder-than-normal conditions for Wednesday and Thursday, but moderation in temperatures will likely take place at the end of next week.