2:00 PM | Update on the atmospheric battle in the Mid-Atlantic I-95 corridor between snow, ice and rain


A very large and powerful storm is affecting much of the nation today east of the Mississippi River ranging from heavy snow on its northwest side to severe weather to its southeast. The battle between snow, ice and rain continues along the I-95 corridor from DC to NYC and snow is currently winning out in many locations north and west of I-95 with rain to its south and east. Snow began here in the northern and western Philly suburbs during the late morning hours and will continue through early afternoon with accumulations of up to an inch or so in many spots. Roads will stay slick for awhile as temperatures hover near or just below freezing. The precipitation began in the DC region as snow and after some small accumulations changed over to sleet and then to rain. Enough milder air should move into SE PA later today to change the snow to sleet and then to rain, but it’ll be a tough and slow battle in some of the northern and western suburbs. The battle is between the milder air from the ocean (40’s now in South Jersey) and some trapped cold air east of the mountains (upper 20’s in the suburbs). Precipitation should reach the NYC metro region later this afternoon and they’ll experience the same scenario as DC and Philly with snow and some small accumulations at the onset followed by sleet and rain. By tonight, most of the I-95 corridor will experience primarily rain, and some of it will be very heavy with 1.5 to 2.0 inches possible by late tonight. There can be sleet mixed in at times and the winds will pick up in intensity as the low pressure system intensifies near the Mid-Atlantic coast. Winds could gust past 55 mph tonight into early Thursday all along the I-95 corridor from DC to NYC and some power outages are possible.