7:00 AM | Mild through Friday and then a strong cold front paves the way for a cooler weekend

6-Day Forecast


A mix of clouds and sun, mild, highs in the mid 70’s


Mostly cloudy, cool, chance for a few showers or some drizzle, lows in the mid-to-upper 50’s


Mostly cloudy, very mild, chance for a couple of showers, upper 70’s

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, breezy, mild, chance for a couple of showers, near 60


Mostly cloudy, windy, very mild, chance for showers and thunderstorms later in the day and at night, mid-to-upper 70’s


Mostly cloudy, windy, cooler, showers possible in the early morning, near 60


Mostly sunny, chilly, upper 50’s


Becoming mostly cloudy, cool, chance for showers late in the day or at night, near 60


A cool front has reached the Mid-Atlantic region and it'll keep it damp and cloudy for awhile around here today and the weather will stay somewhat unsettled right into Friday albeit on the mild side. By late Friday, a strong cold front will be approaching from the Midwest and there will likely be a band of showers and thunderstorms associated with the front in the Mid-Atlantic region Friday night into early Saturday. Noticeably cooler air will move in behind the front for the bulk of the weekend and it looks like a cool weather pattern will continue for much of next week as well.