7:00 AM | Transition to milder weather will be accompanied by occasional showers and possible thunderstorms

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, occasional showers likely from mid-day through the afternoon with a thunderstorm or two possible, milder, highs in the low 70’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, chance for more showers and thunderstorms, lows in the upper 50’s


Mostly sunny, warm, just a slight chance for a shower, upper 70’s

Thursday Night

Partly cloudy, mild, low-to-mid 50’s


Mostly sunny, pleasant, mid-to-upper 70’s


Partly sunny, mild, showers possible at night, low 70’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, showers possible, low 70’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, showers and thunderstorms possible, low-to-mid 70’s


Milder air will push into the region today, but scattered showers and thunderstorms will be the result as we transition away from the recent chilly air mass. Temperatures should reach the low 70’s today, but mostly cloudy skies will inhibit anything warmer than that. Weak high pressure takes over for the last couple days of the work week and temperatures should climb well up into the 70’s on both Thursday and Friday. A low pressure area will move to the east later this weekend bringing us some clouds and the threat for showers by Sunday.

An update on the sun - there has been a fourth "X-class" solar flare from the very active sunspot region called AR1748 that occurred earlier today. Before the week began, the sun had not unleashed any X-class flares, but now there have been four in just the past few days.