7:00 AM | **Tropical Storm Andrea to ride up the east coast bringing heavy rain with it on Friday/Friday night**

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, warm, occasional showers from mid-day through the afternoon hours, highs in the mid 70's


Mostly cloudy, mild, breezy, occasional showers, some of the rain will be heavy at times, lows in the upper 60’s


Mostly cloudy, windy humid, occasional showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two, some of the rain will be heavy, upper 70's

Friday Night

Mostly cloudy, windy, humid, occasional showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two, some of the rain will be heavy, mid 60’s


Mostly cloudy, humid, residual morning showers possible, near 80


Partly sunny, warm, humid, low 80’s


Partly sunny, warm, humid, chance for showers and thunderstorms, near 85


Partly sunny, warm, still the chance for showers, low 80’s


The potential tropical troubles that we've been following for about a week have now come to reality over the eastern Gulf of Mexico in the form of Tropical Storm Andrea, the first named Atlantic Basin tropical system of the season. The latest readings on the storm have sustained winds at 60 mph, gusts to 70, and a central pressure of 29.43 inches. The track proposed yesterday still seems to be the most likely with a ride up the east coast just slightly to the east of the big cities along the Mid-Atlantic I-95 corridor. Specifically, Andrea should reach the eastern part of North Carolina by Friday afternoon, then just off the South Jersey coastline by later Friday night, and then ending up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts by Saturday morning. Occasional showers and possibly a few thunderstorms will fall on Friday and Friday night along the I-95 corridor from DC-to-Philly-to-NYC from this season's first tropical storm with as much as 2-4 inches of rain possible by early Saturday. The strongest winds associated with Andrea will occur along the coastline late Friday and Friday night with gusts to 45 mph or so. Overall, it looks like Andrea will turn out much like a nor'easter with its main effects in about a 6-12 hour window later tomorrow and tomorrow night. This early tropical season storm does not necessarily mean that the rest of June will be active in the Atlantic Basin. In fact, things look rather quiet after Andrea in terms of potential tropical activity during at least the next week or two and that quiet period could extend all the way through the remainder of June.

Ahead of the tropical system, there will be occasional showers from mid-day today right through tonight with a thunderstorm or two possibly mixed into the picture and some of the "non-tropical" rain can come down hard at times. Following the storm on Saturday, much of the day may actually turn out to be rain-free after the potential morning residual showers as the tropical system heads rather quickly to the northeast off the New England coastline. Sunday promises to be a pretty decent day in the Mid-Atlantic region with some sunshine and warm conditions, but more rain is headed to the area for the early part of next week.