12:40 PM | More on today's excessive rainfall in the Philly metro region and for this summer


Today’s torrential rainfall added to some already quite impressive records set this summer in the Philly metro region. To begin with, the months of June and July were officially the wettest on record at Philly International Airport (PHL) with 10.56” and 13.24” respectively. Also, it was already officially the wettest summer ever (ie June, July and August) before today’s rain event with more than 25 inches recorded at PHL between June 1st and early August. Additionally, the wettest day ever was recorded at PHL on July 28th with 8.02”.

Today’s numbers are still pouring in and they are quite impressive with 6.53” measured in Coatesville (the high mark so far) and nearly 2 inches at PHL (as of 9am). The concerning part about these record rainfall numbers is that the climatologically active part of the Atlantic tropical season is just now getting underway (mid-August through September) and should anything affect this region down the road, it would certainly encounter already well-saturated grounds. The good news is that there will be great drying weather for the second half of the week as low humidity air moves into the Mid-Atlantic region with plenty of sunshine expected. Maybe we can set some snow records this winter.