7:00 AM | High pressure remains in control through the weekend

6-Day Forecast


A mix of clouds and sun, pleasant, highs in the low-to-mid 70’s


Partly cloudy, chilly, patchy fog possible late, lows by morning near 50 degrees


Partly sunny, still comfortable, low 70’s

Saturday Night

Mostly clear, chilly, upper 40’s


Partly sunny, cool, near 70


Partly sunny, cool, low 70’s


Mostly sunny, nice, low-to-mid 70's


Partly sunny, pleasant, mid 70’s


High pressure remains in control of the weather pattern in the Mid-Atlantic region and it will continue to do so right into the early part of next week. Temperatures will continue to remain at or slightly below normal for this time of year and humidity will stay at very comfortable levels. Low pressure will intensify off the east coast later this weekend, but should stay just far enough offshore to prevent any impact in the Mid-Atlantic region during the early part of next week.

Elsewhere, cold air has penetrated into the Rocky Mountain States and significant early season snow will fall today in parts of Wyoming, Utah and Montana. The Atlantic Basin (i.e., Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico) continues to experience quiet conditions with respect to tropical systems and, much farther away, the sun also remains rather quiet with low solar activity and no actively flaring sunspots.