7:00 AM | Turns milder for the next few days, but colder air is on the horizon

6-Day Forecast


Clouds give way to some sunshine, milder, highs in the low 50’s


Partly cloudy, cold, lows by morning in the upper 30’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, chance for showers, mid 50’s

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, cool, chance for showers, upper 40’s


Mostly cloudy, mild, chance for showers, low 60's


Mostly cloudy, cooler, showers likely, mid 50’s


Mostly cloudy, colder, chance for morning showers, near 40


Mostly cloudy, cold, chance for ice, rain and/or snow, mid 30’s


An incredibly cold Arctic air mass will plunge today towards the Rockies and Northern Plains and it eventually could contribute to problems here in the Mid-Atlantic region. A front will cross our region by Friday and then stall out in a southwest-to-northeast fashion this weekend. This will allow for several waves of low pressure to head in our direction along the frontal boundary zone and it could get cold enough for ice or snow later this weekend or early next week. Meanwhile, parts of the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain States will suffer through a couple of days with sub-zero highs to go along with wind and accumulating snow.