7:00 AM | Mild today, but colder air returns this weekend; ice/snow to rain on Sunday

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, quite mild, fog and drizzle this morning, a shower or two this afternoon, highs near 60 degrees


Mostly cloudy, cool, occasional rain, lows by morning in the upper 40’s


Mostly cloudy, cooler, rain likely, highs in the low 50’s during the morning hours and then temperatures drop in the afternoon

Friday Night

Mostly cloudy, colder, rain likely, possibly mixing with or changing to sleet and/or snow in the northern and western suburbs before ending, low 30’s


Becoming partly sunny, cold, near 40


Mostly cloudy, cold, ice, snow and/or rain, mid 30’s


Mostly cloudy, cold, rain likely, low-to-mid 40’s


Partly sunny, windy, cold, mid 30’s


Very cold air has gripped the nation from California to Texas to the Great Lakes, but here in the East, mild air has made a return. In fact, today will be the mildest day of the week, but this warm up will be rather short-lived. After a day with highs near 60 degrees, a strong cold front will slide through the region by early tomorrow and reverse our temperature trend. In fact, temperatures may peak in the morning on Friday and then drop slowly during the afternoon hours. This gradual transition from mild-to-cold will be accompanied by periods of rain from later today into late tomorrow night. In fact, it could get just cold enough by late tomorrow night for the rain to mix with or change to sleet and/or snow in some of the northern and western suburbs before ending.

After a dry Saturday afternoon and evening, attention will turn to the Deep South as moisture will head our way from that part of the country at the same time strong Arctic high pressure settles in to our north. The end result could be a period of ice in this area as there will likely be below freezing temperatures at ground level, but above freezing in the upper parts of the atmosphere. The precipitation is likely to change to plain rain by Sunday night and then we’ll be looking to our northwest for the arrival of another very cold Arctic air mass on Tuesday.