9:15 AM | *Accumulating snow on Tuesday/Tuesday night in DC, Philly and NYC*


Low pressure will develop off of the Southeast U.S. coast by tonight and then track northeastward from Tuesday into Wednesday while rapidly intensifying. While the storms biggest impact will be up the coastline from here in eastern New England, there will be an extension of moisture (and accumulating snow) into the DC-to-Philly-to-NYC region on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Periods of snow on Tuesday and Tuesday night can accumulate into the 1-3 inch range in the DC metro region, and 2-4 inches across Philly and NYC. Any snow that falls during the daytime hours on Tuesday will have trouble sticking on roadway surfaces, but temperatures tomorrow night will fall below freezing and slick spots can develop. Winds will also become an issue around here later Tuesday night and Wednesday as the storm intensifies to very deep levels off of the New England coastline. Any last minute shift in the storm track can have a significant impact on the ultimate results around here.