3:00 PM | ***Powerful storms headed towards the I-95 corridor***



The mid-afternoon radar map is much more active than just a couple of hours ago as indeed upper-level energy is fueling the development of strong-to-severe thunderstorms to the west of I-95. These storms are expanding in coverage and increasing in intensity and are now crossing over the higher elevation locations of central PA, eastern West Virginia and western Virginia. The most likely timetable for these severe thunderstorms to reach the big city regions along I-95 is as follows:

3-8PM in DC, 4-9PM in Philly, and 5-10PM in New York City.

These storms can cause damaging wind gusts, hail, and torrential downpours with flash flooding due to excessive amounts of rainfall in a short period of time. Also, clearly visible on this recent NEXRAD radar image are the spiraling bands spinning around Hurricane Arthur near the Carolina coast which is closing in on the Outer Banks (NEXRAD radar map courtesy University of Wisconsin).