7:00 AM | **One Arctic blast arrives late Thursday and then a second - perhaps the worst yet - arrives Saturday night...both Arctic blasts can be accompanied by some snow**

6-Day Forecast


Mostly cloudy, moderately cold, highs near 40 degrees


Partly cloudy, cold, lows in the mid 20’s


Partly-to-mostly sunny, moderately cold, low 40’s

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, cold, upper 20’s


Mostly cloudy, becoming windy, moderately cold, snow showers possible in the afternoon and evening, perhaps mixed with rain at times, near 40 degrees; brutal cold at night


Mostly sunny, windy, very cold, low-to-mid 20’s


Increasing clouds, becoming windy, cold, snow showers possible late in the day or at night, perhaps even a period of steady accumulating snow, low 30's


Perhaps the coldest day of the winter so far...Mostly sunny, windy, brutal cold, dangerous wind chills, near 20 degrees


The low pressure system responsible for yesterday’s precipitation will move away today and high pressure will edge into the Mid-Atlantic region. As a result, it’ll be relatively tranquil around here for the next couple of days with moderately cold conditions. By late Thursday, however, a vigorous Arctic cold front will be headed our way and it is likely to generate strong winds and snow showers Thursday afternoon and evening – perhaps even a heavier snow burst. Temperatures by early Friday are likely to bottom out in the single digits in many I-95 corridor suburban locations.

Before that late week Arctic air mass even has a chance to modify, another one will be approaching on its heels and this one could be the worst of the season so far in the eastern US from Maine to Florida. By late Saturday, a clipper system and its associated Arctic front will be dropping southeastward across the Great Lakes and it is likely to generate strong winds here late Saturday into early Sunday along with snow showers or even a period of steady accumulating snow. Sunday could turn out to be the coldest day of the winter so far in the much of the eastern US with strong winds and seriously cold wind chill values.