7:00 AM | Refreshing change with tonight's lows dropping into the 40's in most suburban locations

6-Day DC Forecast


A mix of clouds and sun, refreshing breeze, noticeably cooler and less humid than yesterday, highs not far from 70 degrees


Mainly clear, downright chilly, mid 40’s by early morning


Mainly sunny, nice, near 70 degrees

Thursday Night

Partly cloudy, chilly, upper 40's


Increasing clouds, still pretty comfortable, mid 70’s; chance for showers at night


Mainly cloudy, warmer, chance for showers and thunderstorms, low-to-mid 80’s


Partly sunny, warm, chance for showers and thunderstorms, low-to-mid 80's


Partly sunny, warm, chance for showers and thunderstorms, near 80 degrees


A cool frontal passage has ushered in cooler and less humid air and the rest of the work week will feature very pleasant weather for this time of year. After highs are generally confined to the 60’s this afternoon, temperatures late tonight should bottom out in the 40’s in most suburban locations as this fresh, chilly air mass settles into the area. Clouds will increase on Friday and then the weekend will become somewhat unsettled as it turns warmer and more humid with the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. The weekend does not, however, look like a total washout.